Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beast comeback in September

Beast has been announced to comeback in September.

Although originally planned to make a comeback in August, while adjusting the title song and album songs, BEAST’s comeback has been postponed. The reason for insistingly taking over the producers’ job was in order to establish a kind of album that belongs to them alone.

BEAST’s company, Cube Entertainment representatives told T-News “We carefully selected good songs to put into the album. However it didn’t feel like Beast’s personal style, and has a scattered feeling with a combination of several different styles. As a result, we are reworking the title song, etc. to make it represent Beast’s colours, completely.”

For this album, several songs of different genres have been compiled ranging from ballads to dance tunes. In particular, it has been revealed that the title song is a song that exceeds the level of their previous hit songs, ‘Shock’, ‘Mystery’, etc and will be a song that can clearly reveal Beast’s colours. Anticipation over the song is extremely high. In addition, the ballad song, of course, has been described as a song that reflects the singing skills of the members who remain strong even in MR (music removed) videos.

A lot of attention is focusing on BEAST who will be returning with improved abilities and high-quality music.

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