Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby V.O.X perform on stage again

The original Baby V.O.X will appear on stage to perform again 6 years after their disbandment.

The members of the original Baby V.O.X Lee HeeJin, Gan MiYeon, Kim EeJin, Yoon EunHye and Shim EunJin will be appearing together for the filming of SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate on 11th August.

This will be the original Baby V.O.X’s first time performing as a full team on stage in the 4 years since it disbanded in 2004. The production team of Chocolate told MT Star News on 10th August, “It has been a really long time since the original Baby V.O.X members perform and sing on a music show. The members are excited about this special stage.”

It is known that Baby V.O.X will perform a medley of some of their hit songs on the show that day like ‘Fate’, ‘Ya Ya Ya’ and ‘Killer’ etc. This will be special event for fans who have been showing support to the members even after the disbandment. But it is revealed that there are no plans for them to reunite and comeback.

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