Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BIG FOUR concert in Malaysia

Andy Hui flied to Malaysia last week for BIG FOUR concert. Originally planned to return to Hong Kong yesterday afternoon, only Edmond Leung and William So showed up at the airport; Andy Hui and Dick Cheung were missing. Edmond and William said: "They won't be here in a short amount of time. (avoiding reporters?) No, business class cabin was overcrowded, so we returned first. (Andy's emotions affected the performance?) No, he is very professional. The show went well. The four of us were happy. (Contact ex?) Been busy lately." As for Andy's ex Sammi Cheng brought up she doesn't want to disturb love, Edmond said: "Give them some space."

Because Michelle (Andy's ex) is good sister of William's girlfriend, so William spoke good things for Michelle: "Especially Michelle, lots of pressure to handle. (Comfort her?) Not yet. Don't know whether girlfirned call her or not. (Want Andy and Michelle to get back together?) They're adults, need to respect their decision. Hope the three of them are happy." They said they didn't know Andy and Michelle broke up before: "Only Dick felt something's wrong. But Andy is still good right now. He has work, it's better than staying at home." As for Michelle peaked at Andy's SMS, William said: "What! Even close friends like us don't know about it. (Worry Michelle would expose secrets?) Can't worry. There is freedom of speech in Hong Kong."

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