Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vic Chou attend premiere event for his latest movie

Yesterday, Vic Chou attended the premiere event for his latest movie Love You 10000 Years, along with co-star Kato Yuki and Director Kitamura Toyoharu. More than a thousand fans from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other places in Asia went to support the star. Vic kept himself busy in promoting his new film; He first did interviews with the media in the afternoon, attended activities organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau where he met with fans, and then at night, he attended the premiere of the movie. Some fans from all across Asia spent as much as forty thousand dollars (NT) just to follow Vic for two days and participate in his premiere events at Taipei and Taichung, as well as his two fan meetings.

In a recent interview with host Matilda Tao, Vic expressed his thoughts on men needing to make more money than women, “If a man makes less money than the woman, he will not have any say on anything.” In the end, the media took his explanation as a reason for his breakup with Barbie Hsu. A little flustered, Vic advised everyone to watch the interview in full to understand. But in regards to earning money, Vic emphasized, “Isn’t a man’s career important?... Unless he’s living off of the woman. If I get married and build a family in the future, I hope that I can be responsible for my family.” He added that he feels his career achievement is not up to standards yet. He hopes that he will get there when he’s 40. When asked if he explained this to Barbie, he commented, “There’s no need to care so much about these types of reports.”

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