Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Full song ‘I want to cry’ on 10th August

Singer Park JaeBum will work with actress Sung Yuri.

The 2 will appear for Brave Brother’s 1st album ‘The Classic’ title song ‘I want to cry’ MV. It is said that the 2 will play lovers in the MV. A MV teaser was also released on 6th August. In the MV teaser, Park JaeBum’s voice was featured while Sung Yuri was seen drenched in the rain.

Park JaeBum is also featured in the song for the rap. The responses from netizen after the MV was released are also very positive.

The Brave Brother said, “Park JaeBum’s vocal and rap capabilities are good. Because of his capabilities, he will be the first featuring artist revealed for our album.”

The full song ‘I want to cry’ will be revealed on 10th August.

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