Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey! Say! JUMP release upcoming DVD

Popular male idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will release their upcoming DVD Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP on September 15th.

Hey! Say! JUMP were formed in 2007 under the talent agency Johnny & Associates, which is responsible for a vast majority of the popular male idol groups within Japan, such as Arashi, Tokio and KAT-TUN to name a few. Since their official debut with the single Ultra Music Power in November 2007, Hey! Say! JUMP have had all their singles reach the #1 position on the Oricon Chart and have also managed to hit the number one spot with the release of their debut album JUMP NO.1 in July 2010.

Hey! Say! JUMP's spring tour, entitled Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP saw the group hold fourteen performances in four venues, with an estimated total gathering of 213,000 people. The DVD is expected to feature footage from their final performance on May 16th at Osaka Kyocera Dome, plus rehearsal footage and an off-stage documentary, spanning two discs with an estimated three hours of footage. The first press of the release is also expected to come housed in a cardboard slipcase and feature a special booklet.

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