Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upcoming Chinese Valentine's Day

On the upcoming Chinese Valentine's Day, a romantic ancient time comedy is about to hit movie theatres. Several days ago, the movie held a premiere in Beijing with lead actors Ah Sa and TVB's popular Raymond Lam in attendance. The day of the premiere, Ah Sa and Raymond were repeatedly asked by media whether their kiss scene in managed to attain the results of their relationship, the two of them responded with implicit recognition. While Raymond and Ah Sa kept the movie plot a secret, when asked about words of love which left the greatest impression, both of them actively stood up. Raymond expressed : "Actually, I personally prefer very direct and simple expressions. Normally one phrase with 3 words is enough to make me feel, wow, very sincere and touching. This is 'I love you!'" Ah Sa lively expressed that hearing this phrase gave her goosebumps, but the phrase that most shocked her was Raymond's speech in to Charlene: "No matter my status, no matter the world's common traditions", because this is the kind of love which is deep.

During the premiere party, Ah Sa and Raymond received a gift of strawberries, representing prosperity and sweet honey, and it was suggested that the two feed each other. But Raymond Lam expressed that all along he doesn't dare to eat strawberries because it nauseates him to see strawberry skin which resembles acne. After finding out this secret, Ah Sa more earnestly ate the next strawberry while Raymond took one bite out of a strawberry and exhaled: "Very sour." Speaking of fears, Charlene spoke of her fear of watermelons and revealed Raymond's greatest fear - being said that his eyes release "electricity." In response, Raymond laughed and explained: "This eye (right) is near-sighted, this eye (left) is far-sighted, both eyes have astigmatism. Sometimes when I look at people, I'm trying to look for a focal point. When I'm looking for a focal point, I might be a little dizzy too."

With being a comedy, the filming process also led the many actors and actresses to feel very happy. Chatting about interesting stories over the course of filming, Raymond commented: "I think filming this movie, I've met my rival. That's Ah Sa." Ah Sa revealed that she and Raymond are both people who love to eat tasty food. During filming, each day was a competition between the two to see who could bring more snacks. The first day, Ah Sa brought a pack of snacks and the next day, Raymond brought two packs. Then Ah Sa brought her mom's home-cooked soup, followed by Raymond who brought abalone. At the end of the 'competition,' Ah Sa brought two large platters of sushi, winning victory at the end of the snack competition.

All along, Raymond Lam has been known as the son of a wealthy family. Ah Sa frankly said that her first impression of Raymond wasn't the greatest and that she had once incorrectly misunderstood Raymond. "Frankly speaking, before, my impression of him was slightly influenced by the media. Because everyone says he's a wealthy son, that kind of person. So previously my impression of him wasn't that great. But after getting to know him, filming with him, working with him, I discovered that it's entirely different from what the media has said - he's the opposite. He's especially genuine and sincere. And to every person, whether it's someone working behind the scenes or an actor, he's also extremely extremely good. And he's very professional, really."

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