Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joey Yung's new mv

Earlier Joey Yung's record company especially invested to produce the first Hong Kong female artist 3D MV for her new song Disfigured (破相). A telecommunications company helped her shoot a whole new version, Joey does not hesitate to ruin herself, suggesting to add a blooded scar on her face. Joey explained: "This song gives off a strong pain feeling, like you need to see a scar, so one realistic painful scar is born just like that." Joey also praises the make-up artist's speed and talent, completed the scar in less than 10 minutes.

Besides having a scar on her face, Joey wants to show the permanent pain of the inner heart expressed in the song. To accomplish this, she especially put on a pale looking make-up, while the director asked Joey to use her inner heart's deepest pain expression to display the level of pain conveyed in the song. She penetrated her painful expressions vividly and won admiration from the staff. The staff praised her leaps and bounds acting. She said: "Perhaps I just finished shooting a movie recently, so I had practice. However, the key point is the song itself, already gave me the right feeling. When I was recording this song, the producer (Chan Fai Yeung) already directed me into character, so when I shot this MV, I easily got into character."

Joey is currently busy with her EP promotions and rehearsing for her upcoming SUMMER POP concert at the end of this month with Big Four, Ekin Cheng and Grasshopper. She laughed: "The show is starting soon, I am very excited and looking forward to it."

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