Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News : The Jade and the Pearl

Although debuted for many years, Raymond Lam who has all along been in Hong Kong finally came to Chengdu for the first time to attend the Chengdu news conference for . Even though fans were unable to enter the location of the news conference, a crowd of fans were waiting outside the venue holding lit "Fung" signs. Ah Sa who has visited Chengdu on numerous occasions expressed that she is willing to be Raymond's tour guide around Chengdu. Ah Sa revealed that being a "good eating partner," on the way to Chengdu, the two had already chatted on the plane and must go eat hotpot in the evening: "It really is very tasty, it's a completely different taste than in Hong Kong." Perhaps it's because of filming as lovers in , each time the two answer questions of this sort, there is complete tacit understanding. When asked by reporters whether Charlene had any particular view on love after filming this romantic comedy, Ah Sa replied: "Leave it to fate." Raymond immediately responded that his own view is the same: "Relationship matters, let nature take its course."

With Chinese Valentine's Day (Double-Seventh Day) coming up, acting as lovers in the movie, Charlene and Raymond naturally have to 'express' themselves. At yesterday's Beijing news conference, the scene of Charlene and Raymond eating strawberries led many to 'drop their glasses.' Today in Chengdu, Raymond came out with 999 red roses as a present to Ah Sa, wishing her a happy Chinese Valentine's Day. Faced with so many roses, Ah Sa both happy and worried commented: "I love roses the most, this is my first time being given so many roses. But there's one problem, how do I bring them all back to Hong Kong?"

When asked what role Ah Sa most wants to act, Ah Sa very honestly said: "All along I've been waiting for a chance to act in a miserable/bitter movie. Mentally ill, antagonist woman, those would be the best. But these past two years (aside from Storm Warriors and Triple Tap), I have only received comedy scripts." As for Mainland China directors before, Ah Sa says that she most wishes to work with Feng Xiao Gang and Zhang Yimou. Meanwhile, Raymond who gave himself a passing grade for his performance in commented: "Actually, I hope to have the opportunity to act in movies portraying characters I have not acted as with TVB."

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