Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miho Kanno star in a new drama

Miho Kanno (32) is set to star in a new drama series this fall on Fuji TV. The currently untitled show will have Kanno playing her first "wicked woman" role since "Koi no Kiseki" in 1999. It is being described as a mystery with some element of romance, and Hiroshi Tamaki (30) has been cast as the male lead.

Kanno plays the part of Meiko Nogami, a woman with a beautiful and kind heart. But 13 years ago, when she was 19 years old, her older sister's husband and son were killed, and Meiko was falsely charged with the crime. She is released from prison 12 years later, and she resumes life as a pet groomer, but inside she is burning for revenge. As she searches out the truth behind the original murders, she leads the men around her to their destruction and death.

Tamaki is taking on the role of a police detective who becomes attracted to Meiko even as he is investigating her as a suspect. Michiko Kichise (35) plays another detective who is Tamaki's ex-girlfriend, and Toshiaki Karasawa (47) plays a writer who originally reported on the murders. Kensei Mikami (26) and Kotaro Yoshida (51) have also been cast.

The series will premiere on October 12 in Fuji TV's Tuesday 10:00pm time slot.

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