Sunday, August 01, 2010

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010

will be held in Hong Kong Coliseum tonight. Before the contest, many already thinks (#11) Elle Lee is the winner, and (#8) Phoebe Pang got Pauline Yeung's praises, both are going to have a strong competition tonight! Yesterday at the MHK swimwear rehearsal, to go up against MHK, ATV arranged a swimming event for the leng mo (young models) to attack TVB's bikini publicity, looks like they are 'butting them' and not letting go.

Hot favorite Elle Lee mentioned her goal during the interview: "Show the best side of me, I hope to win Miss Hong Kong. (Who is your biggest competitor?) Queenie Ma."

Meanwhile, Phoebe Pang got Pauline Yeung's support, mentioning her by name and praising her looks. However disliked her petite size. Towards this, Phoebe said: "Thanks for her praises. I know she was the 1987 Miss Hong Kong, but I wasn't born yet. (But she said your petite!) I don't mind. (Do you have confidence to win?) Normal feeling, I'll be happy to enter top 5. (You are part of the hot favorites!) But often the hot favorites are unlucky."

Also, after seeing the contestants for this year, Pauline frankly said that one of the contestants appearance does not look natural. But she was not sure if it's the make-up or if she's done some 'added work' to her looks. She felt that if the MHK can start rumors of plastic surgery, then after they become a contestant, they can arrange a doctor to check them to prove it on the spot.

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