Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yao Yao release upcoming album soon

Otaku goddess and pop singer Yao Yao (real name: Guo Shu Yao) will soon release her upcoming album titled "Guo Shu Yao's First Self-Titled Album Honey", and work on latest album involved a star-studded lineup including Yao Yao's idol Jay Chou, whom agreed to pen an emotional song for her. In response to Jay's offering, the model/singer cried out, "Unbelievable!" With feelings similar to that of having a dream come true, Yao Yao replied, "I didn't think that on the first day of being a 20-year old that marks the end of my youth, that I would at last be given the best gift in becoming an adult."

The killer production team involved in penning songs for Yao Yao's self-titled album includes singers Gary Cao, S.H.E's Ella, as well as Jay Chou, and the top creativity team in the industry will also be at hand to help along in putting everything together.

The debut single "Honey" for the new album, which is a cover of a song originally sung by South Korean girl group KARA, continues the sweet bubble gum pop that started with her previous hit sing "Love's Hug". Pre-orders for the album will begin on August 5th, and first-day sales will start on August 21st. "Honey" recently premiered on broadcast radio yesterday on Hit FM.

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