Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New series "Can't Buy My Love"

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh have rumors with each other after filming the same series, but it ended as Moses's real rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu returned from abroad. In the end Charmaine is rumored that she has to go to Mainland to work in order to cure her wound. Even new series "Can't Buy My Love" is releasing soon, she hasn't promote it online yet and won't return Hong Kong until 3 days before the premier. She seems to be avoiding series promotion to prevent embarrassment. As for this, Moses and Louis Yuen accepted and radio interview and Louis believes related reports are just a fill-in game. He joked it should be Louis leaving Moses, not Moses leaving Charmaine. Moses asked back: "How did I leave her? I think she went to Mainland to film." Louis then listed Charmaine's schedule when she returns Hong Kong, saying they're Weibo friends and know each other's schedule very well. Moses then said: "I don't have a Weibo, not even Facebook. How do I contact with people? Who to contact? If it's Mainland fans, company will handle them. I only have a Twitter, no Weibo, I don't know how to update status."

Moses stressed he only contacts Charmaine about work and they haven't seen each other after they were done filming "Can't Buy My Love." He said: "I would restate, Charmaine is none of my business!" Joked whether Bernice is his business? Moses said embarrassingly: "Won't talk about rumors!" Said he and Charmaine isn't as close as before, he actually denied, thus his answer is somewhat confusing. Asked Louis about Moses' rumor with Charmaine, Louis said: "Of course it's not true!" What about Bernice? "I can say you're wrong, but it's not all true as well!"

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