Wednesday, August 18, 2010

News : The Men of Justice <法網群英>

ATV is currently broadcasting The Men of Justice <法網群英>, created and produced by the Gary Tang Tak Hei. The cast includes Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Amy Chen Sau Man, Kenneth Chan Kai Tai, Pinky Cheung, Jacky Lui Chung Yin, and William So Wing Hong. Since its broadcast, The Men of Justice has averaged five to six points in ratings. Although the series has helped ATV double its normal ratings performance, which is considered good results for the station. Many Internet users in online forums have praised the series for its courage and the professional manner in which the court scenes were written.

Incorporating several controversial cases, The Men of Justice focuses on the perpetual conflict between law enforcement and criminal activities. The series incorporates elements from current events that the audience is familiar with. It also includes a battle-of-wits little-known outside the court system, such as how to skillfully use legal procedures, and how to choose members of the jury for important cases. Interspersed between the development of the characters’ relationships are the legal cases, which include: a medical malpractice case; corruption within the police force; a witness failing to help a traffic accident victim, which ultimately led to the person’s death; the death of a wealthy tycoon and the subsequent dispute over his will.

This week’s highlight in The Men of Justice involves the romantic arc between Jo Koo Cho Lam and Lawrence Ng. After Jo’s secret crush turns into an obvious pursuit, Lawrence becomes embarrassed and does not know how to convey his reluctance in starting a new relationship.

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