Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TVB new series "Household Army"

The day before, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu and Liza Wang were in Kowloon Bay shooting for TVB new series Household Army. In the series, Kevin and Bernice are a couple and is not accepted by Liza Wang who plays Kevin's mom in the series. On the day of filming, the weather was sizzling hot and the actors could not stop wiping away sweat, extremely busy.

It is Kevin and Bernice's first time collaborating with Ah Jeh. Although it was said Ah Jeh scolds at people, as the juniors Kevin and Bernice has not encountered such situation. Kevin said in a 'dai sei' tone: "Before filming started, many people asked me if I was nervous working with Ah Jeh. Actually she's just serious about work! During the filming process who got scolded by Ah Jeh? But it was all within the series! My role had a lot of yelling too!" Bernice said: "Ah Jeh taught me a lot of life principles off screen, she knows a lot of about life. Like the correct posture to sit, she can really teach you to do things properly!"

Kevin joked and said that Ah Jeh also guided Kevin on how to run his life: "Ah Jeh told me that I should focus on making money in the next 5 years, don't date, even if I wanted to date, just do those non-serious ones. But to me, how can I not date?!"

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