Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st New York Chinese Film Festival

The 1st New York Chinese Film Festival kicked off on Saturday at Lincoln Center in New York City and the Chinese movie "Deep in the Clouds" <碧罗雪山> was showed after the opening ceremony.

Before the opening ceremony, top entertainers including movie stars Cecilia Cheung, Zhang Hanyu, Su Youpeng and Chinese "Super Girl" winner Zhang Liangying walked through the red carpet, raising fans' cheer and screaming.

Shen Jian, a producer of Chinese movie channel CCTV-6, said the first New York Chinese Film Festival is to introduce Chinese history and social reality to the American public and show the achievements of the Chinese movie industry.

"New York is the center of economy and finance in the U.S. and also a city with highly-developed media and entertainment industry." He said.

"Chinese film festival held here is of great significance. The movie is a bridge to connect people's minds. It can help the people in New York understand the dream and pursuit of Chinese people through the screen."

The opening movie "Deep in the Clouds," which gained three awards in 13th Shanghai Film Festival, told a story about Chinese minority people's lives.

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