Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jay Chou held his 3rd night at the Hong Kong Coliseum

Yesterday night Jay Chou held his 3rd night at the Hong Kong Coliseum, a special guest appeared, it was Eric Tsang. What was surprising was that Eric sang Jay Chou's "Chrysanthemum Flower Bed" very seriously. His voice was pleasing to the ears, and was full of emotion. Later, clips of the two in "Kung Fu Dunk" were show on the big screen. After Eric finished singing, he was applauded by the audience, he laughed ridiculing himself: "I'm very happy to be on stage at Jay Chou's Hong Kong Coliseum concert singing, I'm not joking, I'm really scared. When I heard about the invitation I nearly had a heart attack, because I was worried when I came out it would become a 'toilet'."

Originally Jay Chou invited Eric to sing a fast song with him. Eric jokingly said: "You don't know what you're singing, I also don't know what you're singing, why not sing one we know off by heart!" Jay Chou was astonished: "I don't have a song called 'know off by heart'." Eric said: "I was saying that you had a new song that I've already learnt off by heart, I'll definitely sing it better than you, it's called 'It Rains All Night'."

Eric asked Jay Chou for a signed t-shirt, he said: "I can go out and start a bidding war, 800 yuan signed t-shirt." Afterwards, he said whichever side applauded the loudest would get it, the response was great and he generously gave it away.

Yesterday night the concert turned into Eric's talk show. Jay Chou praised his singing, Eric smiled saying: "Yea, not many people have seen me sing on stage, because I believe everyone should one thing, otherwise Alan Tam won't have any food on his plate. Ah, just joking, I'm just scared Alan will be jealous and ask me to be his guest star all the time."

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