Thursday, September 23, 2010

45th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards

The nominees for the 45th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards were announced in the afternoon on the 20th. In the most anticipated category for best TV series, Idol Dramas "Hi My Sweetheart," "Rock and Roll Nanny," "Year of the Rain," and Da Ai TV's "Moonlit Affection," and Hakka TV's "Holding Hands With a Paper Crane," all 5 were nominated. And other popular dramas this year "Autumn's Concerto," "Summer's Desire," etc., did not get nominated in this year's Golden Bell Awards.

Categories for a series, Best Actor nominees went to idols Show Lo, James Wen, and Chung-Tien Wu, contending with acting senior Morni Chang and Hakka actor Zhengdi Wu. Female lead in a series, idols Rainie Yang, Amber Kuo, Bianca Bai, Chien Man Shu, and the only one that could be pass off as a fine actor, aborigines rep, Francesca Kao were nominated.

Other categories most anticipated for Variety Shows, Best Variety Shows went to familiar TV Shows : With a specialty in imitating and spoofing political issues "Quan Ming Zui Da Dang," Variety Queen of Queen Chang Xiao Yan's "Million Dollar Classroom," "One Million Star" going onto its 7th season, "Super Idol," which is seemingly surpassing "Million Star," and Li Jing's "Diamond Night Club." And some new shows such as, "Super Spy," "Guo Ren Dou Jiao Hao," ET Wan Dian Ming" etc., did not get nominated, looks like this year's Golden Bell Awards is continuing its tradition of "respect for elders."

Variety Show hosts are also all "familiar" faces : Li Jing and Matilda Momoco Tao are face-to-face once again, Harlem Yu also made it in through popularity of the show, Chang Fei, who took it to heart that he didn't make the nominations last year, also was nominated, the only one that is eye-opening is senior host having returned to the screens Zhu Ge Liang, was also nominated.

This year's TV Golden Bell Awards Ceremony will be held on October 22 (Friday), and will air at 7:00 P.M. on TTV. At 5:00 P.M. that day, there will be live broadcast from the red carpet, QQ Ent will also broadcast it live, please stay tuned.

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