Saturday, September 25, 2010

Charlene Choi is a dog lover

Charlene Choi is a dog lover, currently raising 5 poodles. In addition to a husband and wife poodle couple everyone is most familiar with, there are 3 brothers and sisters born on Mid-Autum Festival. So on their birthday, Ah Sa expressed her love for her dog family. Even Xiao Zhu Show Luo , JJ Lin and Huang Yi are all envious!

On Weibo, Ah Sa wrote: "Many blog friends can't tell who's who .. okay! This is much clearer! Mommy Chocolate (bottom left), Daddy Lychee (bottom right), Big brother Mooncake (middle), Second eldest sister Snowskin (top left), Third youngest brother Pomelo (top right)!" Charlene explained: " The 3 siblings were born August 15 in the lunar calendar! Lychee has a skin allergy .. applied some ointment on him so he has to wear the horn! Snowskin really is shy .. have to hug her! Chocolate and Snowskin have always had the most fans .. they're even cuter "in person" than in photos! Haha"

JJ Lin replied to Charlene: "I like Snowskin the most!!! Her hair is all messy! Haha Really want to just kiss her!" While Show Luo couldn't help but reply: "Chocolate's tongue is too long isn't it! Haha! So adorable oh!"

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