Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fahrenheit's next single “Sexy Girl”

Following Wu Chun’s starring role in “Cherish your heartache”, Calvin Chen takes center stage as the lead in Fahrenheit's next single “Sexy Girl”. He plays a so-called mature man partying in a nightclub, while his “Sexy Girl” is played by model Monica Yin (殷琦), who is actually Vincent Liang’s girl in real life. To convey the song’s “sexy” theme, the two get up-close and even slather some whipped cream on each other's faces.

Calvin Chen praised his costar for her professionalism, “At the moment of eye contact, it feels as if she is about to take away (my soul). Especially the perfume she’s wearing, it increases people’s heart rates.” For one particular scene, Monica Yin was required to seduce him by gliding a cherry on his forehead. However, the result went from provocative to comedic when the fruit stuck onto his head.

Calvin Chen takes control back in another scene in which his character sits back in his chair like a king. He wraps a scarf around himself and Monica Yin to symbolize that their happiness is tied together. Calvin Chen also revealed the “Sexy Girl” in his mind is someone who wakes up in her boyfriend’s shirt. He said even just the thought of a girl preparing breakfast and frying eggs is already very romantic. On Monica Yin’s height, he laughed, “Fortunately I’m tall enough so (we) look compatible standing next to each other. She said she’ll teach me on how to walk down the runway when she gets a chance.”

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