Thursday, September 23, 2010

ELVA's latest album "Miss ELVA"

Pre-orders of Taiwanese singer ELVA's latest album "Miss ELVA" has reached its tenth day, where pre-orders had already hit 40,000. The self-titled track for the album has also been on YouTube for six days, and views for that track's MV has surpassed 140,000. Since ELVA's latest album has surged in popularity, the singer originally wished to show her appreciation to the generous love of her fans by holding an album signing this weekend until it was canceled because of a typhoon.

ELVA grudingly wrote on her Weibo microblogging account, "Everyone's lucky that I'm the rain goddess. Whoever said I was 'Miss ELVA'? There's a lot of 'water (symbols)' in my (Chinese) name." Since the broadcast of her MV, there has been a lot of both positive and negative comments left online. ELVA responded by saying, "I am modestly accepting all of these types of comments."

Regarding a recent plane incident involving fellow Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, ELVA happened to be on the same flight as Jolin when Jolin was exposed to the media for her rude behavior by a flight attendant. More specifically, the flight attendant accused Jolin of the rude behavior that was given to her. In response, ELVA gave her side of the story to clear up the events that were reported by the flight attendant, since ELVA was together with Jolin on the flight. Due to Jolin's agent being busy at the time that Jolin was embarking on her flight, her agent entrusted Jolin to both ELVA and her agent. "Jolin clearly went to sleep once we boarded the plane," ELVA said. "What the flight attendant said about the rude behavior, it should have been about my agent!"

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