Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vic Zhou's new drama "Returning Home"

Filming for Vic Zhou's new drama "Returning Home" is just around the corner and the first batch of cast list is out, including Wang Que Qi, Yang Kuei-mei, Zhang Chen-Guang and Liu De-kai, full of big, authoritative stars. Zaizai will be playing a military doctor and will be sporting a "七分頭"* short hairstyle on screen, the shortest since his debut. After last year's Golden Bell award disappointment, Vic hopes to be affirmed by the public with under the accompaniment of so many skillful actors.

After completing "Black and White", Vic has decided not to accept any more roles in pure romance idol dramas. In the past half-year, he has only shot the film "Love you ten thousand years", rejecting almost 20 drama offers from both Taiwan and China, putting his focus in preparing for .

The drama is about the story of Zaizai who received medical-training in Taiwan, and was sent by the Japanese army to Mainland China in 1945 during the Sino-Japanese War as a Taiwanese- Japanese military doctor**. He went through suffering until the victory of China over Japan, but due to his identity as part of the Japanese army, he was unable to return home (to Taiwan). Throughout the drama he will be tested on his deep emotional/ psyche acting, with heavy cross-scenes together with Wang Xue Qi who portrays a Kuomintang General.

Vic has been painstakingly learning Japanese for this drama, and the film crew arranged a doctor to train him on the proper use of stethoscope and scalpel of 60 years ago. Zaizai's manager Mr Chih said that when Zaizai chooses a role he does not consider winning awards but only care about whether there is unceasing growth. Thus he is looking forward to this drama for the opportunity to work with so many skillful and experienced actors.

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