Saturday, September 25, 2010

KARA doing well on Oricon Chart

KARA, who was doing well on Oricon Chart and had just returned home, was invited by Sports Seoul for their special edition #8000 interview. This is the first interview after it was announced in Japan that KARA is the first Korean Girl Group to make such a remarkable result on Oricon Chart. Last Month (11 August), Kara made debut with single 'Mister', on the released day, it was ranked at #5 on Oricon Chart which surprised the Japan music world. Even after one week, KARA maintained at #5 on Oricon Weekly Chart. Excluding Japan, KARA is Asia's First Girl Group to be on top 10 for their first week of album release on Oricon Weekly Chart. Interview was conducted at DSP entertainment new office which KARA said it's cozy. "It's like a dream", said KARA about their success in Japan. During this interview, they were asked about their testimonies about Japan debut and Oricon chart record as well as their future plans. Han Seungyeon was absent for this interview due to her spinal cord injury.

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