Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lee Hom's new music video 'Xu Yao Ren Pei'

It was supposed to be a happy affair, but things didn't turn out as expected.

For Lee Hom's new music video 'Xu Yao Ren Pei', the singer took a leap of faith and decided to show some flesh - a rare first move for the reserved superstar.

As the song talks about the feelings of lovelorn singles experiencing loneliness at night, Lee Hom decided to portray his emotions by depicting scenes of romance between city-dwellers.

During filming, Lee Hom had to lie on a bed, while a sexy female model attempts to unbutton his clothes seductively.

So provocative was the act that female crew members on set turned bashful on seeing Lee Hom film the scene.

"This is not the Wang Lee Hom that I know of," they said.

The good-looking singer-songwriter, one of the most coveted bachelors in the Mandopop scene, has previously filmed a "bedroom scene" with actress Shu Qi in MV 'Di Yi Ge Qing Chen'. However, there had been no actual intimate contact during filming then.

The star, who had intentionally uglified himself in his directorial debut film Love in Disguise, hopes that the MV will continue to help defy stereotypes about him.

"Although filming (intimate scenes) can get a little embarrassing, it's still worth it to give my 'first-time" to my own MV," Lee Hom said.

While the 33-year-old is excited about challenging new grounds, his record company is fretting over Lee Hom's venture.

For fear of ruining the singer's clean image, Lee Hom's label originally planned to censor overtly explicit scenes from the MV - only to receive strong objections from the star himself, who insisted otherwise for aesthetics sake.

Both sides finally came to a compromise and Lee Hom's new MV will be specially edited into a "romantic version" for air on television.

The full uncut version will only be made exclusively available in his album.

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