Saturday, September 25, 2010

New China TV series "Ghost Catcher: Legend of Beauty"

Mainland China TV series has been airing on various satellite stations and capturing #1 in the ratings, making the series a huge success. Yesterday, reporters were advised that the production company in mainland China has plans for a sequel to the series in the works. During an interview with reporters, the male lead of the series – Hong Kong actor Bobby Au Yeung – candidly admits that he wants to use the success of this series to make a name for himself in the mainland China television market and not be restricted to just being ‘TVB’s First Brother.’

Despite his own claims of not having natural talent and not having good looks or a good physique, Bobby has been widely endearing and held up by HK audiences as ‘TVB’s First Brother’ -- however if you ask him, he actually disdains the ‘First Brother’ title. “I’ve seen it all for so many years, so there is nothing for me to be afraid of. I am not ‘First Brother’, I am only ‘Second Brother’!! The ‘First Brother’ is always focused on and targeted by people, so all along, I refuse to be ‘First Brother’ -- I will always be ‘Second Brother.’ Also, I feel that the majority of ‘First Brothers’ were ‘promoted’ to that position [by others], but for me, I rely on my own hard work to get to where I’m at today.” With the popularity of the series in mainland China, Bobby hopes that all the hard work throughout his career will help establish him in the mainland China market.

In addition to his acting, Bobby is also known for being a ‘no fate with rumors’ person – throughout his 20 plus years in the industry, he has practically never been associated with any rumors or scandals. Speaking about his ‘secret’ to having a happy marriage, Bobby proudly proclaims that he is a ‘good husband’: “I do go to bars sometimes -- especially after a particularly tiring, stressful day at work, if I don’t go have a drink, I won’t be able to sleep when I get home. However I only go with a group of close friends and all of them are male.” Bobby’s wife is former Macau casino tycoon Fu Liao Yong’s granddaughter Fu Kit Lan – they met through a friend and even prior to getting married, she was known as a very down-to-earth, low-key person. As the story goes, it wasn’t until 6 months after Bobby and Fu Kit Lan met that he found out she was from a rich family [TN: the story is pretty funny – Bobby was totally clueless until he read the newspaper after reporters secretly followed him on a date with his then girlfriend]. Being married 14 years, Bobby and his wife are known for having a very loving relationship – when he talks about her, he has nothing but praises about her: “My wife is a very virtuous woman – she possesses all of the qualities and characteristics of a ‘good wife’. She helps me to manage all my finances – well, to be more accurate, she doesn’t help manage my finances, she is actually ‘in charge of’ all my finances. If one day my wife leaves me, then I will have nothing to my name.”

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