Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wayne Lai and his son working an advertisement for PARKnSHOP supermarket

Earlier Wayne Lai and his son filmed an advertisement for PARKnSHOP supermarket, and the advertiser asked Wayne to be the spokesperson again offering a satisfying price to invite him and his wife Julia for the shoot. During filming, Mr. and Mrs. Lai were doing what they usually do, grocery shopping together while pushing the shopping cart. The couple frankly said that normally when they have time they would go out together to get carryout. Wayne said: "Usually I'm the one going out to buy it, my wife would keep a lookout in the car because it's more of an advantage for me to buy, the seller usually gives me the best ones and good prices when grocery shopping."

Julia frankly said that this is the first time she's shooting a TV ad and was so nervous that she got a stomachache. Asked Wayne between his wife and son, who has the talent? He laughed: "Her (referring to his wife) is pretty ok, once we start shooting just have to wait for her to develop on her own. Normally when she visits the set, she's stole a lot of tips from me!"

Later, Julia exposed that her greatest wish is to do a wedding photoshoot with Wayne, unfortunately Wayne refused. She said: "At the time, our son was just 4 or 5 years old, already told him to take them, taking a group photo with a little kid wearing a tux is very cute!" Wayne explained: "What's so good about it! Actually, I don't usually take pictures, even if we're going to take wait until when our son's wedding. When the time comes, everyone will be there!"

During filming, there were extras pretending to be a group of housewife fans, one asked if Wayne will get TV King again. Asked if Wayne has confidence to keep his TV King title? He admitted: "Yes! No Regrets is very good, the characters and story is very attractive. (Is Raymond Lam your greatest opponent?) He's pretty good too! Before he had very good feedback for his concert and The Mysteries of Love, quite popular. For the younger generation, he is considered quite mature."

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