Thursday, September 30, 2010

New film in Beijing

Last month, Louis Koo accidentally injured his left leg while filming action scenes for his new film in Bejing, resulting in ligament rupture and meniscal tear. His injury was considered quite serious, and because of this he canceled his attendance to the Changchun Film Festival. The day before, Louis wrote on his website telling his fans that he is fine, he said that he got the surgery done on Mid-Autumn Festival day: "Besides getting my ligaments fixed, the doctor also discovered that I had problems with meniscal tear, so I have to undergo physical therapy. The surgery was successful, so all 'Koo Fans' please do not worry." He also said that he is currently resting and has enough sleep: "Just completed the surgery not long ago, so it's normal to feel some pain. You are do not need to worry too much, I will get a good rest."

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