Thursday, September 30, 2010

Asia-Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer award

Have money and face, after Raymond Lam won the "Asia-Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer" award, he has been accepting series and movies becoming very busy. The day before, Raymond appeared with Charmaine Sheh on the streets in West District to shoot on location for TVB new series Colorful World of Sister Fa. That afternoon, the most exciting part was when Raymond gets to enjoy Charmaine in public, as his whole body goes over Charmaine and treated her chest area as his pillow. The pitiful Charmaine had to take it all in and couldn't make a sound at all!

In Sister Fa, Raymond plays a rich and spoiled guy and is very blessed on camera. That day, it was seen that the director requested that the “mentally challenged" Charmaine lie down on the street and let Raymond, who was just passing by, to dive on top of her and check her heartbeat. In the end, Charmaine misunderstood that he was a pervert and attacked him. Even though there were lots of onlookers surrounding the location, Raymond was still fearless and used Charmaine’s chest as a pillow, the scene looked very exciting.

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