Thursday, September 02, 2010

New movie Raiou

Actor Okada Masaki (21) and actress Aoi Yu (25) attended an event in Tokyo on the 31st to promote their new movie Raiou. The two actors rode out together on the horse they used during filming. "There was a time during practice when Yu-chan fell off the horse. She made a very beautiful arc as she was falling down. I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching it. I'm probably the worst!" Okada jokingly reveals. Aoi recalls filming the rigorous action scenes in the movie. "I hurt my back when I fell off the horse. During one of the sword fighting scenes I also injured my foot. It's the first time I had to go in on crutches."

Raiou is directed by Hiroki Ryuichi and will open in theaters in Japan on October 22.

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