Friday, September 10, 2010

New series Can't Buy Me Love

Elaine Yiu recently appeared in new series Can't Buy Me Love portraying as a prostitute. Depending on her beauty, she attracts Moses Chan. She laughed: "I am Moses dream lover and his life savor, so he has a natural good feeling towards me." Elaine's beauty not only is necessary for the series, but also in real life she's getting prettier and prettier.

Recently she was accused of getting bigger eyes, her nose bridge straighter and that her facial structure became sharper. Although she's suspected of getting plastic surgery, she still responded generously: "I am not upset, I actually think its really funny, I don't understand why people are talking about it now, it's been a while since I got prettier. Actually, when I first debuted I still had the baby fat. Now I really lost weight, which of course is a breakthrough, plus now that there is such great techniques for make-up, putting on fake eyelashes and making my eyes look bigger is really interesting."

Plastic surgery is getting more and more common, Elaine felt that it's nothing wrong, she said: "Actually plastic surgery is not as serious as how everyone makes it out to be. It is pretty common in Korea and Japan. One of my relatives even allowed their children to go do plastic surgery too. To an extent, being in this industry, it's all about the outer appearance that will please audience. You get talked about if your not pretty or if you get plastic surgery, it's really hard to satisfy everyone. I feel that if it's not harming others, doing something that you want, I am not going to oppose." She also praised Jacqueline Chong's courage, Elaine said: "She's really brave, having to face everyone pointing fingers at her, it requires lots of courage, but getting a boob job, I really am not brave enough to do it."

Also, Elaine recently did a Thailand food and drink special, and had to eat 5 meals a day. She was also able to experience the amazing local boxing matches. She said: "The adults were fighting until blood is seen, 10 year old children were also fighting pretty hard. I didn't dare to watch it."

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