Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 My Favourite Artist Ranking

As voted by 20,000 music fans, popular idol group Arashi took the top spot in the '2010 My Favourite Artist Ranking'. Results were announced on the 8th. Since 2004, entertainment magazine Ori★Suta has been running the poll annually. Last year was Arashi's first year to make it to the top 10, earning a respectable fourth place finish. This year however, they have already climbed straight to the top.

The magazine polled readers as well as members of the Oricon Monitor Research. Around 20,000 people took part in the poll, with equal amounts of male and female participants from different age categories starting from the teens (10's) to those in their 40's (approximately 2,500 people in each group). Not only did Arashi take first place overall, but out of the 14 different categories, they placed first within 7 of them. It proves they are well liked across different age groups as well as by both male and female audiences.

Of the many comments left by voters, some of them said, "Arashi has a perfect balance of singing, dancing and talking", "They have great relationships with each other", "All five members have unique personalities". It seems there were many reasons why they were voted first. The latest issue of Ori★Suta will be released on the 10th.

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