Friday, September 10, 2010

Shirley Yeung accepted radio's interview

Yesterday Shirley Yeung accepted Metro radio's interview to promote for her debut musical The Battle of Love (情場如戰場). She expressed that the musical will start in the fall. For a good performance on singing the 10 old classic songs, Shirley rehearsed for 2 months. Asked if she wants to entry the music scene and release albums? She said: "I've sang children songs before. If releasing an album, definitely will have to practice more, but I do hope to see this opportunity. (Use what method to preserve your voice?) I'll do singing practices every day, but still can't stop eating sweets. My mom is also afraid that I can't withstand it and faint, so she'll prepare eggs, fruits and oatmeal every day for me. I gained a few pounds from that. All of my costumes for the musical are already pretty tight, can't gain anymore weight."

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