Friday, September 10, 2010

New movie Perfect Wedding (抱抱俏佳人)

Although Miriam Yeung's concert is happening soon, she's appearing every day at events. Last night, she attended an event for a magazine. Miriam expressed that she'll begin her retreats later this month because it is the time to promote for her new album, so must accommodate. Also, in addition to her concert rehearsals she'll have to attend some public functions that she accepted earlier on. Looks like she's only able to tell herself that lots of work, lots of money to comfort herself. She smiled: "I am very exhausted, if you tell me something now, I can already fall asleep."

Regarding to the poster to her new movie with Raymond Lam Perfect Wedding (抱抱俏佳人) being said to plagiarize Western film Yours Mine And Ours. Miriam saw the poster to the movie the media referred to and said: "Not the same, I have to use my two legs to cramp onto Raymond. Also our pose is more conservative. I remember when we were shooting the poster, Raymond was very embarrassed, but I am the older sister, so I'm a bit more relaxed. I did not dare to let my husband see it, I hid it for several months, when he asked me I would just say it's made through photoshop."

Does she and her husband do that difficult stunts? Miriam said: "Who would want playing to be that difficult? Of course not!" She stressed that when she and Raymond were shooting for the poster, she had to take her behind and chest area into account, it is not enjoyable at all. Her legs were very stiff. Also, Miriam said that as a wife, she has to be very careful on what she says.

As for Raymond, he said: "The positions of partners in photos are all pretty much the same, it is more important to have beautiful results. (Always getting accused of plagiarism?) I don't think so, actually it's definite that there will be a clash and I personally don't mind. No matter what movie role it is, different people, different crew, the results will definitely be different." Asked about his current health condition? He said: "Today I wasn't feeling well, so canceled the Sister Fa outdoor filming. I had diarrhea and a fever. My stomach had never been good and my neck is still hurting, but my jobs are lined up until next year."

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