Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sina Weibo's 1st Anniversary event

Yesterday Aaron Kwok attended Sina Weibo's 1st Anniversary event, Michelle Reis who was also present announced her pregnancy, Aaron quickly congratulated her having a perfect life. Asked when Aaron plans to have a little Lynn or little Aaron? He said: "I believe I have plans on both marriage and having children, but not at this time. (Already planned to have children with Lynn?) I haven't had time to plan what I'm going to do in the future, if one day I do get marry, I will definitely announce it on Weibo. Even if I have plans, it could only happen if the other party has the thought too, I can't just say it randomly now."

Asked if he reached consensus with Lynn? He stressed again that he does not have this plan yet. Asked again if he and Lynn talked about it before? He became stiff and said: "Can't. Even if just saying it, I have to be responsible. I don't dare to, I don't dare to do this in my life, even if for the female friends around me, cannot just randomly say these things."

Reporters expressed that Lynn once said she loves children, Aaron expressed that he does not know, but said that he'll definitely be a good father. Asked if he'll have a baby first before marriage? He said: "I am personally quite traditional, hope can give 5 more years of time to me, I want to do a musical first. I am a person who cannot multitask, if I have a family and kids, then I can't do it."

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