Thursday, September 23, 2010

TVB new series The War of Heart

Yesterday Adam Cheng, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu and Aimee Chan attended the costume fitting for TVB new series The War of Heart. Moses expressed that this is the first time he's working with Adam, he is anticipating their collaboration and is feeling pressured. He said: "Adam is the master of drama both on and off screen, I'm just a novice."

Moses expressed that although Adam didn't get the TV King title like he did in the past, but he is definitely the 'TV & Film King', Moses said: "Once Adam steps out, he's already the TV King, the current Film King are just based on popularity and voting, before it was about the person's ability. I'm pretty old school, really hope for the old situations."

Adam laughed on Moses comment about the TV King, just blame that he was born at the wrong time, so it doesn't matter. He also praises Moses acting, all his roles were very diverse. Asked if he craves for the TV King title? Adam said: "The awards I won before were just all 'pork' awards, I don't know about now. Actually it doesn't matter, I don't fight with people, the most important is a good show." Adam expressed that Aimee Chan is his daughter Joyce Cheng's good friend, so normally he likes to tease girls, but he won't tease Aimee. Aimee expressed that she has not been teased by Adam before, so she's not worried. She said: "I will just develop my father-daughter relationship with Adam."

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