Thursday, September 23, 2010

TVB's new series "The Comeback Clan"

The bride-to-be Kiki Sheung attended to the promotion of TVB's new series "The Comeback Clan" (翻叮一族) yesterday. During the event, cast member Sammul Chan suddenly took out flowers and celebration card from the cast and gave them to Kiki, congratulating her wedding day on October 3. Her fiance was invited onto the stage and kissed her on the request of the actors. She expressed feeling very surprised during interviews, "Can't believe he is willing to be on the stage. If I knew this earlier, I would ask him to wear a tie! But he is just as cute as I am, it's okay."

Kiki disclosed they would hold 40 tables at their wedding dinner and arranging seats is bothering her now. "I invited cast from 'Can't Buy Me Love' to be my sisters and Louis Yuen as the MC. But that day is the finale of 'CBML' and would hold an event for it. I hope producer Mui Siu Ching can understand and let Louis leave early so he can come to the dinner party earlier." Been on a weight-loss plan, she has lost about 23lbs so far, trying to be a pretty bride on her important day.

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