Thursday, September 23, 2010

Upcoming 45th Golden Bell Awards

The nomination list for the upcoming 45th Golden Bell Awards was released yesterday, and a stiff competition is in store.

Top Taiwanese variety show female show hosts Matilda Tao and Regine Wu were nominated for the best variety show host category - the fourth time for both ladies.

Both their works are also in the running the best variety programme award.

Other competitors for the best host award include the "variety big brother" Chang Fei, Harlem Yu and veteran comedian Zhu Geliang.

On her nomination, Matilda Tao expressed that she does not mind being compared to Regine, and said that she had benefitted a lot from watching determined young people while hosting talent show One Million Star.

When reporters asked Regine about her thoughts on making the list, the host said that she will "view the award (win) with a peaceful mind," but admitted that she was disappointed that her programme, Hot Queen Palace, did not make the cut.

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