Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcoming drama “回家 (Returning Home)”

The big news yesterday at the 2010 Taipei Television Festival was most definitely GTV’s adaptation of “Hayate the Combat Butler”. But not to be outdone, local idols led by Vic Chou also proved to be very popular with participants from the TV industry. His upcoming wartime drama “回家 (Returning Home)” quickly caught the media's attention with the announcement of Janine Chang (張鈞甯) as his costar.

The two will reunite for a third time after last year’s hit “Black and White” and the movie “Tea Fight (鬪茶)”. Although Vic Chou has long been attached to the project, Janine Chang came as a surprise since there hasn’t been any news of her involvement previously. Due to its sensitive subject matter, the big-budget production is still pending approval from the mainland. (Read more about Vic Chou’s role in “Returning Home” here.)

There was another piece of interesting news concerning Vic Chou at the festival – His name was mentioned for “The Taipei Shop of Coffee Prince” (yes, it’s a remake) which Jerry Yan was said to have dropped out earlier. Unfortunately this could be purely a case of who the producers want rather than who they are able to cast.

There were other (failed) casting news at the festival -- Producer Shen Shi Hua (沈時華) had hoped to cast Van Ness Wu and Vivian Hsu in the drama “瑰寶 (The Artifacts)”, but was turned down for obvious reasons. Two other dramas listed rumored ex-couple Tammy Chen and Li Wei as the leads. Chen’s manager responded on the pairing, “Not possible.”

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