Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcoming idol drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler”

GTV showcased their upcoming idol drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler” (adaptation of the popular manga), at the Television Festival. The main cast: Korean actress Park Shin Hye, the four member boy group Wu Hoo (formerly known as Wu-Hu-Jiang), and Otaku Goddess Tia Li were all there for the showcase. In regards to netizens criticizing that Park Shin Hye is too old for the role and Tia’s chest is too big to be a maid, GTV especially invited the original creator to support the cast; Park Shin Hye and Tia also emphasized that the script has been modified to better suit their characters.

The production team didn’t waste anytime as they brought Park Shin Hye to test out her new drama character’s image styles right after the press conference. As reported earlier, the drama will begin its filming in October. Park Shin Hye expressed that it’ll take her a while to get used to the living styles of Taiwan, but she’s very happy to be filming with the handsome George Hu and beautiful Tia Li. She further commented that it almost feels like she’s filming the sequel of “You Are Beautiful”, especially when she’s surrounded by "all the good looking guys of Wu Hoo."

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