Friday, October 08, 2010

2NE1′s power first full album

2NE1′s power is everywhere with their first full album, To Anyone. On the 9th of last month, having released their first full album and performing the three different stages, calling it the “Triple Titles”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Go Away”, and “Clap Your Hands”, 2NE1′s popularity seemed like it doesn’t know when to stop.

Last year, 2NE1, who came to sudden prominence was being expected by all music fans called as the “female Big Bang”. It made us to think of them as Big Bang for they are both from YG Ent. and by their unique styles that were obviously different from the other idols.

It was a great way to promote the name for 2NE1′s popularity who was just a newbie back then, but there was the downside in that title. They received such criticisms like “they are copying Big Bang” or “now these girls follow the same paths as Big Bang because Big Bang is successful”.

But one year later, now 2NE1 has grown up and who can be no longer call the “female Big Bang”. 2NE1 is just 2NE1, who is receiving much love with their unique music style which can never be thought like ‘it’s a childish one just copying some other singers’.

Recently in the Korean music industry, the music charts are always changing for having so many different new number 1 songs. If a new song got released, it gets ranked all the way to No.1 starting from the Real Time charts, to the daily and weekly charts, then it changes all over again when another new song from a different artist releases theirs.

However 2NE1′s album has been released over a month ago and all the three title songs are still on the top ranks of all music sites. This great result by 2NE1 is catching the eyes by many for there are very many new songs released in this month of October.

In fact, 2NE1 has had some worries before they released their 1st full album. The biggest reason is that it is their 1st full album in this quickly changing music industry even though they are the newbies who just debuted last year, and if they don’t meet the fans’ expectations after being on hiatus for a very long time, the disappointment by the fans will be much bigger.

2NE1 proved to be fearless after being worried too much. With the new concept of the “triple titles”, 2NE1 swept all the music charts and even their three songs are fighting back and forth to be ranked in 1st to 3rd places. They also swept all the No.1′s at all the music TV ranking programs, thus receiving the prize for a total of 8 times by today.

This great love for 2NE1 from all the music fans is definitely resulted by their music and their unique styles. They didn’t make up their popularity by connecting with something else, but they are loved by their own music which can only be done by 2NE1.

Now, 2NE1 is just 2NE1, not the “female Big Bang”

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