Friday, October 08, 2010

Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together

After its musical movie “Le Huo Nan Hai” and musical drama “Ugly Wudi 3,” Hunan TV is set to have its 3rd try at musicals. Last month, director Chen Mingzhang (Fated to Love You, My Lucky Star, Du Lala’s Promotions) revealed that in mid-October, he will be directing an adaptation of Hong Kong musical film “我和春天有个约会 I have a date with Spring” for Hunan TV.

So far, confirmed actors include Yu Haoming and Zhu Zixiao from the recent hit drama “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together” and Selina Ren of S.H.E. Selina plays the female lead, an innocent orphan singer. and Yu Haoming will to play the male lead Shen Jiahao (沈家豪), a saxophone player with big dreams. From his descriptions of the role, Zixiao will probably play second lead Donny, another musician who’s a playboy on the outside, but soft on the inside. The director said in his weibo that the main female lead is a Taiwanese actress. The drama will be set in the mid-30’s, around a group of singers and musicians in a night club.

Yu Haoming and Wei Chen singing the theme song of Le Huo Nan Hai, a 3D musical movie that Yu Haoming starred in:

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