Saturday, October 02, 2010

Andy lau's 30th anniversary concert

It's rumored Andy Lau's wife Carol Chu is 3 months pregnant, but until today Andy has yet officially announced this good news. Even when being interviewed by a Mainland website, he only talk about work.

As for holding his 30th anniversary concert at the end of the year, Andy expresses it would be memorable and touching. "Very touched, because it's hard to support someone for 30 years. Just like you making a friend, or loving someone, it's also hard to keep the relationship for 30 years," he says. He didn't think about retiring from the industry. "If there are still people who want me to be in their films even when I'm 70, I would do it. If I quit, but come back later, then everyone would doubt whether there is a problem with my family," he says.

Over these years, Andy isn't enthusiastic about breaking into Hollywood. "My attitude is, I don't really mind. Or, is it worthy to spend a lot of time doing this thing? Some people might think it's a glory for Chinese people. Then let me ask, who got a very good career after going to Hollywood? I looked at too many scripts that aren't prepared for Chinese, or only let Chinese to play supporting roles. If they let me play Spiderman now, then I'll say yes," he says.

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