Saturday, October 02, 2010

New drama "Material Queen" (拜金女王)

When Vanness Wu and Singaporean girlfriend Arissa broke up, rumors have it that the reason they broke up was because of Vanness's chastity pledge against premarital sex.

Vanness Wu and Chen Hui Ling will be collaborating in new drama "Material Queen" (拜金女王). When Chen Hui Ling went to Paris for filming, she responded for the first time about her relationship with Vanness, "If people ask if I love him (Vaness), then yes, I love him. He is very cute, but it's like family love."

Chen Hui Ling said that she knew she would be dragged into this after news surfaced about Vanness and his girlfriend breaking up. She even used this to joke with Vanness, but she also said, "People in the entertainment circle think our scandal is a joke. My boyfriend also thinks it's a joke. All three of us even went to see Toy Story 3 this summer."

She described her relationship with Vanness not like a young brother, but more like a son. "He is very naive and likes to cry even more than I do." The scandal of them spread for almost 9 months after rumors said the two of them were very close on the set of "Autumn's Concerto." However, Chen Hui Ling believes that their friends will know their true relationship.

During the press conference of "Material Queen", the media caught the two of them wearing similar styles of Casio watches. Chen Hui Ling felt accused as she said, "It was a birthday present Vanness gave me back in March. He was recording his album in Japan and he chose the purple color we both like. He really likes it himself too and was very reluctant to give it to me. When he was in America for a function, his friend gave him the same watch. He was very excited and wore it that day to show it to me. I was dumbfounded when I saw it and asked why he had to choose that day to wear it. Vanness is just like that. He doesn't think too much about whether people will misunderstand or not. It was really just a coincidence."

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