Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cantonese album

Even though Ah Sa has been busy filming a TV series and movie in Mainland, she still remains extremely nervous for her new Cantonese album which releases on October 14 with a press conference on October 13. As soon as she had an opening in her schedule, she returned to Hong Kong to record the album, photograph the album cover and photoshoot and attend events. The four outfits in her album photoshoot are all 'old' clothing she has accumulated in her home. Through DIY (do-it-yourself), they have been assembled together to become beautiful unique clothing.

This time, the location for the photoshoot was an abandoned Cheung Sha Wan (poultry market in Hong Kong) slaughter house with collapsing walls and decaying roofs contrasting the charm of Ah Sa's majestic 'Ultimate Noblewoman' look. The message is that it is possible to find beauty in the worst circumstances. Despite looking like a princess, the location was in fact extremely vile. In order to create a special effect, staff had filled with slaughter house with smoke and mist. Stifling and smothered in the slaughter house for several hours, Ah Sa's skin developed an allergic reaction, but she tolerated it and continued working, only going to the doctor after finishing the photoshoot. Ah Sa laughed and expressed: "I hope that through this minor suffering, in the end there will be sweetness and the EP will be met with great sales and praise."

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