Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jacky Cheung Half Century Concert

Jacky Cheung will kick off his concert at the end of the year with a 50 city tour in mainland China. Jacky named the concert to commemorate having lived half a century. Yesterday, Jacky and his manager Florence Chan held a press conference in Beijing to officially announce that the Beijing leg of the tour will commence on January 21st through 23rd at the Wukesong Arena. [TN: Jacky’s World Tour concert will officially start on New Year’s Eve (12/31/10) in Shanghai].

Jacky indicated that next year, he will turn 50 years old and since 50 years is half a century, he decided to name his concert using this to commemorate his 50th birthday as well as the many years of beautiful memories he’s had in the music industry. Jacky expressed: “I will be 50 next year! When I was young, I looked down upon 50 year olds and felt that age was far away from me – now I regret using that type of attitude to view 50 year olds. I hope that today’s younger generation won’t look down upon people who are 50 – 60 years old.”

For his upcoming concert, Jacky expressed that he will be travelling to cities that he has never been to before – such as the city Ordos located in Inner Mongolia. Smiling, he states: “I’ve only heard of the city’s name while on an airplane, I’m not even sure which province it’s in! My geography is not very good, but I will make the effort to study about it to increase my knowledge of our mother country.” Jacky also indicated that he wants to hold a concert in his homeland of Tianjin so that he can see what types of changes the city has gone through these past couple years. Asked if he would ‘return the favor’ and ask Jay Chou to be a musical guest at his concert, Jacky said that he has not thought about a guest list yet.

Prior to the press conference, a Hangzhou worker from a company involved with the money-swindling situation several months ago appeared at the conference facility wearing a shirt with the words ‘Return Justice To Me’ on it. Earlier in the year, the company indicated that they had paid HKD$10 million deposit in the hopes of having Jacky perform 10 shows, however since the fraudulent situation was exposed, the company still has not received the remaining HKD$3 million that they are owed. Florence Chan made a special effort to clarify the situation again at the press conference, reiterating once again that both herself and Jacky have nothing to do with the situation and it was caused by a former employee who entered into an agreement with the company without her consent or authorization.

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