Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The first of two shows to FAIRY JANICE VIDAL CONCERT 2010 opened in Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Though it was rumored that Janice angered her boss Leon Lai because her state wasn't up to expectation, but in fact that was not true. Last night, Leon appeared at the concert to support his favorite artist. Currently busy with film promotions, Aarif Lee and Janice's "enemy" JW who is in Europe flew back to HK to be her guests. Janice's parents, JW's parents and Joyce Cheng came to support. Janice's mom reveals that little sister Jill Vidal will be coming to support at tonight's show. Leon Lai made a low-key appearance and sat at the VIP section. When the pop king arrives, a large group of female fans screamed loudly.

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