Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yuko Takeuchi new song "EUPHORIA"

Actress Yuko Takeuchi (30) will appear in the music video for Kou Shibasaki's (29) newest song, "EUPHORIA," being released as a single on November 3. This is Takeuchi's first time in a music video, and she will be playing an alternate version of Shibasaki.

Both Takeuchi and Shibasaki appeared in the 2003 blockbuster "Yomigaeri," but their scenes for that movie were filmed separately. This time they will be closely working together. Takeuchi will wear make-up to resemble Shibasaki, but Takeuchi will be dressed in black while Shibasaki will be dressed in white. Together, they play two sides of the same character.

The two actresses, who both belong to the same management agency, are actually good friends outside of work. They often eat meals together, and Takeuchi has been to Shibasaki's concerts before.

Shibasaki was chosen to write "EUPHORIA" as the theme song of Takeuchi's upcoming drama special "Strawberry Night." Adapted from a bestselling mystery novel of the same name, the drama features Takeuchi playing a police detective for the first time. "Strawberry Night" is scheduled to air on November 13.

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