Sunday, October 31, 2010

Faye Wong 2010 Concert Tour

Faye Wong 2010 Concert Tour began last night in Beijing's Wukesong Culture and Sports Center. Stepping on stage after a five year absence, she attracted many die-hard fans, as well as good friends Carina Lau, Zhao Wei and Barbie Hsu, who came to show their support. Aside from performing five shows each in Beijing and Shanghai, and three shows next January in Taipei Arena, the organizers announced yesterday that Faye will be adding shows in Hong Kong next March.

At 41 years old, Faye's charm has only increased with her age. Her stage setting for the show cost an estimated 30 million. Following the theme of her concert, her songs were divided into five different segments to represent the passing of the four seasons as she approaches her rebirth. From the brisk coolness of winter, the songs progressed into spring, summer, and fall, before finally reaching her rebirth.

Starting off the show with the melting of an ice age, Faye appeared onstage ready to break free from the cold as she sang with a crystal microphone stand which cost thousands of dollars. Faye's outfit was pure white and she wore a hat which resembled a nun. She sang her first song 'Lotus in the Snow' as snowflakes began blowing across the stage.

After the long winter, spring finally arrives. As Faye reappears with an outfit change, the screens behind her fill with images of butterflies. With nine screens in the background, each of them could be controlled individually to paint different pictures for the audience. Wong Kar Wai also took part in the production and shot footage of the 'Flowers of Paradise' (one of her song titles). The footage allowed the audience to explore different parts of the imagination and also gave them a glimpse into Faye's inner world. Many special effects were used in her concert, including 3D technology and lasers. Faye also sits on a swing which carries her high above the stage. Known for speaking little in public, Faye only said 'thank you' throughout her concert. For the two hours she was on stage, she sang a total of 23 songs, with no encore at the end.

Manager Katie Chan officially announced yesterday that Faye will be holding a series of concerts next March in Hong Kong. While the number of shows have not been confirmed, it will not exceed 10 shows. Katie Chan also revealed that they originally did not plan to hold concerts in Hong Kong, but after taking into consideration the Hong Kong fans, Faye agreed to the shows. Faye's Beijing ticket prices have rocketed upwards to the thousands. When tickets for her Hong Kong show go on sale in mid-December, there's no doubt it will be the same.

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