Sunday, October 31, 2010

Edison Chen new album

The night before, Edison Chen attended a fashion event in Sanlitun, Beijing. Once he appeared, he was chased by a group of very excited fans, causing some confusion. He accepted Sina Entertainment's interview and when mentioning the rumors that he and his girlfriend Vincy Yeung were secretly married, he laughed out loud: "We are not ready, there are too many things to do right now. Honestly speaking, until now, I have never thought about getting married. Marriage is just a label to me. To be able to be together every day, I'm already happy enough."

When he was promoting for his new album, the first person he wants to thank is Jay Chou for writing him the song I Can Fly, he really likes it. He reveals that besides a song collaboration, he also has a new movie collaboration with Jay (頭文字D2) estimated to start next year. He also exposed that next year he'll be holding a solo tour concert.

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