Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fugitive: Plan B sold in asia

New KBS TV series "Fugitive: Plan B" has been sold to seven countries in Asia.

A press release from the show's promoter announced that they have sold distribution rights to Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

"These seven countries have shown interest in the show since its production stages," a producer from "Fugitive" was quoted as saying.

"Fugitive," about a conspiracy dealing with a hefty sum of money which went missing during the Korean War 60 years ago, is helmed by noted director Kwak Jung-hwan and written by Chun Sung-il, the creative duo behind the 2010 hit series "The Slave Hunters."

The romantic-comedy investigative series features a high-profile cast of Rain, Lee Na-young, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung-jin and Yoon Jin-seo and international actors Takenaka Naoto, Uehara Takako and Ti Lung.

The 20-part series scored viewership ratings in the 20 percent range when the show aired on October 7 and continues to post ratings in the 16 to 17 percent mark on the Wednesday and Thursday night lineup.

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